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RUGGED. Constructed with heavy gauge 2" X 3" and 2" X 2" steel, 7 X 19 strand aircraft cable, and fiberglass pulleys, the BodyCraft Galena Strength Training System is built to last a lifetime.

LIFETIME WARRANTY. Every part of the BodyCraft Galena is guaranteed for as long as you own it.

CORNER DESIGN. The BodyCraft Galena is built to fit into any corner of the room, requiring much less space than traditional designs.

MOST FEATURED IN ITS CLASS. No other gym in its price range offers a greater variety of exercises than the BodyCraft Galena.

PROPER FUNCTION. Great attention has been paid to bio-mechanics and proper resistance through out the entire range of motion.

FULLY ADJUSTABLE. The BodyCraft Galena has an adjustable seat and seat back on the press station. Range-of-motion adjustments on Pec Dec arms fit any size user.

COMFORTABLE. Seats are high-density foam covered by heavy gauge vinyl.

200-LB. WEIGHT STACK. The weight stack is graduated in 10 lb. increments and easily reached from either seat.

ATTRACTIVE FINISH. Durable "Silver Vein" powder coat finish is electrostatically applied and baked on.

INNOVATIVE DUAL-FUNCTION PEC DEC. The most versatile pec dec made provides traditional and dumbbell style flyes.

Dimensions: 44" Deep (Press Station) X 42" Wide (Pec Dec) X 82" High 76" Wide with optional Leg Press

BODYCRAFT GALENA HOME GYM BC-GALENARegular price: $1,499.00Sale price: $1,299.00