Life is complicated enough. Why make a strength training system complicated? It should be easy to understand, easy to use, and provide exercises for every part of the. body. The STRATA Strength Training System does all that and more Time. Time is especially important when it comes to your exercise routine. The straightforward design and easy transitions minimize overall workout time.

Quality. The over all quality of construction and design assures you years of highly effective home exercise. Every piece, every part of the STRATA Strength Training System is guaranteed for life. We will replace or repair anything that goes wrong for as long as you own It.

Space efficient. The STRATA can be placed in any corner of the room. The rest of your room can be dedicated to other equipment such as a cardiovascular piece or a set of dumbbells. Most other home gyms must be placed in the middle of the room, requiring significant space on all sides.

Variety. A key element in a successful exercise program. The traditional bench style doubles as an excellent dumbbell bench. No home gym can claim more variety of exercises.


Dimensions: 104" L x 44" W x 82" H

Heavy Duty Frame: 2" x 3" and 2"x2"x .120" wall steel tubing and a combination of heavy structural steel sizes.

Durable Cables: 7 x 19 strand, internally lubricated steel aircraft cable, nylon coated to 3/16" and rated at 2000 Ib. tensile strength.

Finish: Durable, low maintenance multi-stage electrostatic powdercoat paint. Color is white with silver vein.

Pulleys: Fiberglass reinforced nylon with deep V-groove and double wall sealed bearings.

Weight Plates:1-1/4" thick cast iron plates are milled on both sides for uniform thickness. Each plate has two nylon bushings ensuring smooth travel on chrome guide rods.

Upholstery: Double stitched heavy gauge vinyl, covering high-density foam.

Press Arm Adjustment: Easy to use. Provides for flat, incline and shoulder presses.

Optional Leg Press: Built to mimic the squat and reduce strain on the knees. Weight ratio is 1.5:1.

Warranty: Lifetime on everything. We will repair or replace anything that goes wrong, under normal conditions, for as long as you own the STRATA Strength Training System

BODYCRAFT STRATA HOME GYM BC-STRATARegular price: $1,899.00Sale price: $1,599.00